Tel Aviv

A very young city in a very old place, eager to make a name for itself in a world separated from it by a desert. It has distinctive taste; in dresses, in falafels, in music, in dogs. It’s a city where iPhones are too fancy, but breakfast costs as much as a hotel room. People wear designer clothing with flip-flops, and more than anything they’re ready to share meals and music with anyone who is up for it. An attempt to lead a modern life in the middle of a desert. Creating civilization where there is none. Not only drawing on what has been given, but creating whatever else it is that you need and want without waiting for someone to hand it to you. In Tel Aviv, you can get anywhere you need to in ten minutes. Doors to restaurants are held open for dogs and water is given out in special bowls to all four-legged patrons. No trees – trees are hard to find in so much heat and dust, but that just means more space for strolling down promenades and meandering between interesting shops, street musicians, and locals eager to meet you. Tel Aviv is a phenomenon not to be missed.