Moscow is on the brink of change. Always. A political and cultural capital of Russia, it has seen regimes overthrown, given birth to ground-breaking art, been burned to the ground, lived through war, risen to power and fallen from it. And right now is no different. Although years of isolation kept it from being a European hotspot, Moscow is quickly getting itself back on the map. Old collides with and embraces new: Stalin-built apartments look out over newly-paved European-style avenues; parks are being redesigned to embody the nostalgia of Soviet living along with the style and leisure of New York; trees are being planted to rival the number in Rome; restaurants, cafés, and juice bars are opening to accommodate for the city’s developing and demanding pallet; museums are striving to show the merits of both the classics as well as boasting of Rothko; and last but not least, if you haven’t experienced a sleepless night in Moscow, you don’t know what a good party really is. Even visas are easy to get, making Europe’s most eastern tip a hop skip and a jump away.