Imagine being balanced right on the very edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Beautiful water, open sky, and the feeling of endless space. Add quaint homes, some side streets, but keep in mind that you’ve got everything you need to let you feel hooked up. All the impressive bridges, awe-inspiring modern buildings, new cars, clean streets, stylish outdoor spaces, easy public transport and cultural hot spots. Add waves and surfboards into your daydream. Add skateboarding. Add graffiti art. Add the taste of custard tart and fresh seafood, but not in that order. That’s Lisbon. With less than half the number of visitors per year than Paris, it’s the surfing capital of Europe and a great place to chill, four seasons ‘round. Racing to keep up with the changing modern world, Lisbon marries old with new as buildings, water, and people have been colliding and growing together for eight hundred years.